2011 ~ 2017A growing company, SEOHO Electric Co., Ltd.
  • 201704An agreement Signed "Korea International Terminal Co., Ltd." and "Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority" to develop and commercialize electric yard tractor
  • 201703The 51st Taxpayers' Day - Commendation of Ministry of Strategy and Finance
  • 201611Selected as Excellent Enterprise in Anyang City
  • 201503SeoungNam Kim inaugurated as CEO
STEP 042006 ~ 2010
  • 200908Developed Mass storage vector inverter(800KW)
  • 200810Developed Regenerative Converter Unit
  • 200703Sangbong Oh inaugurated as CEO
2000 ~ 2005STEP 03
  • 200412Registered utility model of TPS(Truck Protection System) and CPS(Chassis Position System)
  • 200312Established QingDao SEOHO Corp. in China
  • 200207Registered in Korean Stock Market
  • 200204Patented Anti-sway System
  • 200108Developed RTK GPS for harbor crane
  • 200104Contract of the transferable technology for the multi-functional high capacity vector inverter with Pohang University of science and Technology
  • 200003Developed AC Inverter Drive available Profibus communication
STEP 021990 ~ 1999
  • 199905Developed AC Vector Inverter Drive for Crane
  • 199709ISO9001 Certified by DNV
  • 199602Made technical license agreement for Vector Inverter Drives(2.2KW - 800KW) with Vaasa Control Oy. in Finaland
  • 199506Developed Anti-sway system for harbor loading and unloading container
  • 199408Developed Crane Management Monitoring System
  • 199211Selected as Military Service Exception Firm
  • 199006Established technology laboratory authorized Ministry of sceience&Technology
1981 ~ 1989STEP 01
  • 198906Awarded Most Bright Prospect Company from Korea Long-Term Credit Bank
  • 198809Converted to SEOHO Electric Co., Ltd
  • 198804Selected as the first manufacturer, localization of machinery part, from ministry of commerce
  • 198105Founded of SEOHO Electric as a GE distributor and manufacturer & provider of Motor operation equipment for industry production facilities